About Analytics Lab VRE About Analytics Lab VRE

The D4Science Infrastructure contains a wide selection of Virtual Research Environments (VREs) inscribed in many different Virtual Organizations (VOs), with the aim of serving various communities and promoting collaboration among scientists, as suggested by new science paradigms like "Open Science" and "Science 2.0". 

Navigating this simple VRE, in which we propose a small collection of generic Machine Learning (ML) and Statistical Processing algorithms for Big Data, the new user can easily get aquainted with the infrastructure and its main facilities:

  1. Data Storage and Sharing Facilities → Workspace 
  2. Communication Facilities → Mailing System and Social
  3. Collaborative Development Facilities → RStudio
  4. Cloud Computing Facilities → Data Analytics

We itemize here the available algorithms, they are listed in "Data Analysis - Execute an Experiment" and a small description of each one of them can be found inside the algorithm interface itself, aloing with the description of all the input parameters.

  • Bayesian Methods
    • Feed Forward Neural Network Trainer
    • Feed Forward Neural Network Regressor
  • Data Clustering
    • Dbscan
    • Kmeans
    • Lof
    • Xmeans
  • So Big Data Algorithms
    • Stat Val
  • Time Series
    • Time Series Analysis

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Access the Analytics Lab VRE with your D4Science Gateway credentials.